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Five Tips for Dry Cleaning Clothes

Apr. 08, 2020

Manual dry cleaning refers to the absence of dry cleaning equipment. For clothes that cannot be washed, only manual dry cleaning can be used for decontamination. Cotton Twill Fabric Supplier introduces its methods and points to you as follows:

Shirt Fabric

Shirt Fabric

1. Wiping method

For Shirt Fabric, it is not allowed to use a washing machine, which will make the fabric hard. If you have time, you can use dry cleaning on this fabric. Use a towel soaked with dry cleaning agent to wipe off the dust on the clothes, so that the dust is dissolved by the dry cleaning agent and adheres to the towel. When wiping, the towel should be washed in the dry cleaning agent while wiping. The dust on the clothes will be dissolved in the scrubbing solution through the towel, and then the effect of cleaning and decontamination will be achieved.

2. The flushing method

Severely contaminated clothing, or severely contaminated parts of clothing, can be rinsed with a soft brush dipped in dry cleaning agent. Do not use too much force when rinsing, evenly. The rinsing method is a key method in dry cleaning.

3. Dipping method

For some woolen clothes with loose structure, in order to avoid deformation, you can put the clothes in the dry cleaning agent solution and wash it with two hands. It is suitable for washing more valuable clothes. This method is suitable for washing detergents. The loss is very large. After washing the clothes, the used dry-cleaning agent solution should be filled in a closed container, and the dirt can be separated after being deposited, and the application can be continued.

4. Pre-stain

Before dry cleaning, remove the dust from the surface of Uniform Fabrics. For local heavy stains, use tetrachloroethylene and high-efficiency stain removers. Especially for water-soluble stains, use high-quality scrubbing liquid or wipe with alcohol soap. Remove. After the water-soluble stains on the clothes are removed, dry cleaning is performed.

5. Selection of dry cleaning agent

When dry cleaning clothes by hand, the dry cleaning agent is difficult to withdraw, and it is very spoiling. From the economic point of view, except for the use of tetrachloroethylene in individual cases, most of them use cheap solvent gasoline or high-content alcohol. In addition, these two solvents are less toxic than tetrachloroethylene and evaporate faster. However, these two solvents are flammable substances. When they are used, they must be operated without fire. We must pay attention to fire prevention to avoid loss caused by fire.

The above is the method of dry cleaning clothes.

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