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What Fabric is Good for Shirts?

Feb. 03, 2021

The quality of shirts depends on the fabric of the shirt. High-end shirts must choose the best fabrics. Which fabric is good for shirts? What are the advantages and disadvantages of shirts of different fabrics? Clothing fabrics can be divided into natural fibers and chemical fibers according to fiber composition.

The Shirt Fabric is mainly cotton fiber. Cotton fabrics are currently the mainstream of the shirt market. Fabrics containing mulberry silk, linen, wool, and cashmere are also common. Some shirts will add spandex fibers to increase the elasticity of the fabric.

100% cotton fabric

100% cotton shirt fabric is believed to be favored by many people, and it is also the most likely choice in daily life. Because of the skin-friendly properties of pure cotton fabric, it has a good sense of comfort and soft texture. , Absorb sweat.

But this kind of fabric also has corresponding shortcomings, that is, it is very easy to produce wrinkles when wearing, and easy to deform. If the clothes are dyed, they must be removed by special methods.

According to European and American practices, high-grade pure cotton fabrics are not finished with non-ironing technology. Iron-free finishing is a chemical treatment, which often changes the skin-friendly characteristics of pure cotton fabrics, while leaving harmful chemicals. Individuals can indeed be said to have a non-ironing effect. The fabric has lost the elasticity and skin-friendly feel of pure cotton, and the touch feel is close to that of chemical fiber fabrics.

Shirt Fabric

Shirt Fabric

Blended fabric

This kind of fabric is blended and woven from cotton and chemical fiber in a certain proportion. This fabric not only absorbs the advantages of cotton and chemical fiber, but also avoids their respective disadvantages as much as possible. It is not easy to deform, wrinkle, dye or change color. According to the ratio of cotton to cotton, its characteristics shift to pure cotton or pure polyester.

Most ordinary shirts are made of this kind of fabric, which has a hard texture and is not as comfortable to wear as pure cotton

100% chemical fiber shirt fabric

This is a textile made of fibers made from polymer compounds. Their common advantages are bright colors, soft texture, crisp drape, smoothness and comfort. Their disadvantages are poor wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorption, and air permeability. They are easily deformed when exposed to heat and are prone to static electricity. Certain types of chemical fiber fabrics have some unique characteristics, such as high elasticity, high breathability and waterproofness, high gloss, high abrasion resistance, etc., so purified fiber fabrics are also used in shirts for special purposes, such as costumes that require gloss, Dance clothes that need elasticity, outdoor clothes that need waterproof, etc.

Linen fabric

Hemp is the best raw material for shirts. The natural breathability, moisture absorption and freshness of flax make it a free-breathing textile. This is the nobleman among the shirt fabrics, comfortable to wear, soft and sweat-absorbing. The natural breathability, moisture absorption and freshness of flax make it a free-breathing textile. It can lower the human room temperature by 4-8℃ at room temperature, which is called "natural air conditioner". Of course, hemp also has defects, it is easy to wrinkle, deform, stain or change color. After tens of minutes, wrinkles will appear.

Silk fabric

The Real Silk Fabric is pure silkworm white woven silk fabric, which is recognized as the most luxurious fabric in the world. It naturally exudes a beautiful luster. The high-weight silk fabric has always been the fabric of the top luxury shirt. The traditional and noble velvet fabric reinterprets the elegant and noble gentleman temperament. Because of the cumbersome maintenance of silk fabrics, it reflects the characteristics of "aristocracy".

Shirt washing

High-quality fabrics should be washed gently and naturally dried. After drying, they can be worn after a little ironing, and they are very easy to iron.

For high-end shirts, easy wrinkle has never been a disadvantage. On the contrary, people who know how to wear it can see the natural characteristics and expensive texture of the fabric at a glance, such as the top shirt made of linen fabric. If you don’t have time to iron your shirt, just wash it by hand as much as possible and don’t shake it dry. Let it dry naturally and hang it more to restore it to a basic wearable state.

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