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Overview of Shirt Fabrics

Dec. 23, 2020

Here, the Shirt Fabric Company provides a clear overview of shirts of different fabric types. By understanding the shirts of different weaving methods, you will surely find the ideal shirt fabric that suits your needs.

Wide cloth

Broad cloth is a tightly woven fabric. It is woven up and down very simply, with little luster, making it beautiful and professional. For those who want to reduce the texture of fabrics, wide fabrics are the best choice. They are usually thinner and lighter fabrics, especially white wide cloth fabrics that can be slightly transparent. Due to the lack of texture, wide fabrics are usually the smoothest of all fabrics, but they are also the easiest to wrinkle.

Shirt Fabric

Shirt Fabric

Twill fabric

Twill Fabric are easy to recognize because they show texture. Twill influence ranges from very subtle twill to larger imperial twill or cavalry twill. Twill is always shiny, although its degree depends on tissue, color and cotton use. Twill is a very tight weave and can have a very high thread density, some of which may be mistaken for silk. Due to the twill texture, the twill is softer than the wide cloth and has a higher degree of depression. Twill will not give you the "crisp" appearance of a wide version that has just been pressed, but it is relatively easy to iron and wrinkle resistant.

Precision Oxford

Although it uses finer yarns and tighter weaves, it is more formal than Oxford cloth, but not more formal than wide cloth or twill. You can think of them as excellent daily work shirts, but not necessarily the first choice for special events. Precision fabrics are usually opaque and slightly heavier and thicker than wide fabrics. Due to its heavier structure, precise positioning is a very durable fabric. If you are looking for a formal shirt, choose twill or wide cloth.

Striped cloth

Brie is a plain weave fabric. This means that its structure is similar to wide cloth, although it is usually made of heavier yarn to make work clothes looser. There are usually white lines extending in the width direction, making the fabric color inconsistent. It can be compared to end-to-end, although Chambray is usually much heavier than clothes and more suitable for casual wear.


Linen fabric is incredibly breathable, just like seersucker, and is usually worn in hot climates. Flax is made from the fibers of the flax plant and is very laborious to produce. Generally speaking, linen fabric has a looser organization and looseness than most cotton shirts. Compared with cotton fabric, it has a very unique dry feeling. Linen is also more prone to wrinkles than cotton, so it usually feels more relaxed. Although we like the look and feel of linen, some people prefer cotton/linen blend shirts because you can get the coolness of linen shirts while reducing wrinkles.

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