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How To Choose Suit Fabric?

Oct. 20, 2020

Suits are already a kind of very meaningful clothing for people all over the world, especially in some special places or moments, suits have become an indispensable kind of clothing. However, when choosing a suit, in addition to its style and color, the most important thing is the suit fabric. So how to choose suit fabric? Polyester Rayon Suit Fabric Company teaches everyone how to choose suit fabric

First, choose suit fabrics according to budget

If the budget is sufficient, of course choose pure wool fabrics. The suits of this fabric basically start at thousands of yuan, and the price of foreign suit brands will be higher. If the budget is not sufficient, you can choose wool blended or cotton suits. Budget Very few, you can only choose chemical fiber suits

Second, choose the right fabric according to the season of wearing

Suits are usually more formal, so when choosing Suit TR Fabric, you should choose according to the season.

If you wear it in summer, you usually choose clothing made of chemical fiber or mulberry silk fabric. These materials will be cooler when finished; if you wear it in autumn or winter, you can choose wool or fabrics.

Suit TR Fabric

Suit TR Fabric

Third, choose fabrics according to wearing frequency

If you wear a more frequent suit, it is recommended to choose a higher-priced pure wool or wool-blend suit. If you only wear it twice a year, a suit of ordinary fabric is fine. There is no need to spend too much to wear several suits. If you want to dress better, you can choose to rent a suit.

Fourth, choose different fabrics according to the wearing occasion

For a person, a suit can actually be used as clothing for many occasions, and the overall versatility is better. Even so, when choosing suit fabrics, pay special attention to the occasion.

For example, if it is in a more casual place or a gathering of friends with a good relationship, you can choose linen or ordinary cotton material; if it is a more serious occasion, then choose wool material at the end, such a suit The fabric can better show the image and status of the wearer.

Fifth, choose according to the situation of the person wearing it

In fact, the suits seem to be the same, but because of the difference in fabrics, the selling price will be quite different. If it is an ordinary person, working people can choose cotton or synthetic fiber when choosing Suit Fabric; if it is a high-income group, they can choose cashmere or wool.

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