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How to Distinguish Between Good and Bad Suit Fabrics?

Oct. 30, 2020

1) Fabric: Suit Fabrics should be more than 90% wool or at least 70% wool, or a synthetic material of wool and silk. Any chemical fiber products will look cheap and inferior.

2) Color: The suits of successful men are generally neutral colors such as dark blue, gray, and dark gray. Some domestic commercial image design books also list black and brown as optional items, which is wrong in international business clothing. In the West, brown suits are considered low-grade performance, black suits can only be used for weddings, funerals or as a tuxedo.

3) Pattern: Men's suits can only be solid colors or dark and light subtle stripes. Any large grid or tweed pattern will not make a good impression. The dark blue suit with dark stripes is considered by Westerners to be a powerful male suit.

4) Single-breasted or double-breasted: The currently popular international suits are single-breasted, and double-breasted suits are more formal and formal. However, some domestic business image design books list single-breasted as traditional and double-breasted as fashionable, which is against reality. In a double-breasted suit, all buttons must be buttoned; while in a single-breasted suit, the bottom button must be open.

Suit TR Fabric

Suit TR Fabric

5) There are currently three styles of popular suits in the world: European, American, and British. American: Loose, not close-fitting, with a cylindrical waist and a slit in the back. Affected by Americans’ open-minded personality and large-scale movements, they look tall and mighty when worn, and are suitable for people with thin and tall builds. European style: tailored appropriately, emphasizing shoulder pads, square shoulders and lower waist are particularly appropriate, it seems to kiss a person's body, showing the shoulders and chest of men. More double-breasted, European style is more suitable for the Chinese body. Generous and decent, fine workmanship. British style: no shoulder pads or only a little shoulder pad, slightly shaped waist, gentleman style and taste, mostly single-breasted.

6) In addition to the Suit TR Fabric, the size of the suit is very important. Clothes that are too large, too small, too tight, or too loose will destroy the excellent image of a successful man.

7) When wearing a suit, the back collar is also extremely important. It is necessary to prevent large bags from bulging at the back collar. These problems will not occur in the hand-made personalized clothing of Junshi, so you can rest assured.

8) It is strictly forbidden to wear sweaters when wearing formal suits. A common phenomenon in China is to wear sweaters underneath when wearing suits. This is a "crime of dressing".

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