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Suitable time for purchasing

Jan. 07, 2020

Last week (December 23-27), the upstream cotton, the downstream grey cloth are now stopped up pattern. Yarn stable small rise, local sales slightly smooth.However, the industry analysis, yarn rising behind the crisis, some manufacturers are cautious.

Raw cotton: In one week, zheng zhou cotton futures continue to rise. Xinjiang seed cotton showed a trend of "price reduction of quality". At the end of December, the purchase of seed cotton in aksu, korla and other places came to an end, and the quality of seed cotton declined significantly. The main purchase price of hand-picked cotton in aksu area is 5.35-5.65 yuan/kg, while the main purchase price of machine-picked cotton is 5.20-5.40 yuan/kg, both of which are 0.10 yuan/kg lower than the previous week. Lint cotton spot price slightly increased, slow sales of new cotton, cotton sales smooth. On the 27th, the price of hand-picked cotton in the warehouse of southern xinjiang was 13500-13900 yuan/ton (gross weight, delivery, including tax), and the price was 13100-13500 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton over the previous week. On the same day, nanjiang cotton enterprise directly sold Chen cotton 3128B grade hand-picked for 12,800 yuan/ton (public order, pick up). The price difference between new cotton and old cotton is 400-500 yuan/ton, so Chen cotton is more popular.

Other ingredients: In one week, polyester staple fiber high down. On December 27, the price of 1.4d *38mm polyester staple fiber in jilu region was 7030 yuan / ton, which was 90 yuan / ton lower than that on December 20. The sales volume was moderate. Viscose prices continue to fall. In jiangsu and zhejiang, the mid-end viscose staple fiber is quoted around 9500 yuan/ton, and the high-end is 9600-9700 yuan/ton. The sales volume is smooth, and large orders can be negotiated according to the quantity.

Pure cotton yarn. This week, all weaving factories and yarns from the south to the north have issued holiday notices, most of which are arranged from January 5 to 15, 2020. Only some enterprises plan to have a holiday at the end of December. Grey cloth sales smooth and the price of small increase, cause yarn factory bullish psychology. In the past week, pure cotton yarn stopped falling steady local small rise. One is the low count and low count of yarn, according to shandong, hebei and other parts of the manufacturers said, the current OE10S, OE16S prices compared with the previous week up 50-100 yuan/ton, mainstream prices are 13,100 yuan/ton (refined drop plus low grade cotton), 14,300 yuan/ton.Second, the price of ordinary combed yarn and combed yarn is mainly stable. At present, the ex-factory price of ordinary combed yarn in jiangsu and zhejiang is 19300 yuan/ton, and the quotation of ring spindle high standard comb 21S is around 20200 yuan/ton. The price of combed yarn 21S and 32S is 21600 yuan/ton and 22,600 yuan/ton respectively. Third, the price of high-count and high-density yarn continues to rise slightly. At present, a factory in jiangsu province is offering JC60S(35% long-staple cotton) at 29,600 yuan/ton, which is 100 yuan/ton higher than last week.

Industry analysis, yarn rising behind the hidden crisis. First of all, the fabric of weaving factory is only a small increase, and most of them are mainly to destock, the year before the yarn procurement has not improved fundamentally; Secondly, the price rise originated from raw materials, late consumption can not keep up, or will face a callback.

Import yarn.According to the feedback from traders, recently the imported yarn is stable and strong, and the local price is slightly increased by 100-200 yuan/ton, but the actual transaction is difficult. At present, jiangsu and zhejiang mainstream import Vietnam C21S jet can float the RMB price at 19,400 yuan/ton, OE21S RMB price at 15,000 yuan/ton.

Cotton market chart:

Suitable time for purchasing

Polyester market chart:

Suitable time for purchasing

For importers, the price is lower now, suitable purchase and stock.

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