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What Is Medical Fabric?

Aug. 04, 2020

Medical fabric is a general concept, that is, as long as the textiles involved in the hospital can be collectively referred to as medical fabric, such as white coats,shirt, surgical gowns, nurse and doctor uniform,masks, clothing worn by patients, medical bedding, bed sheets, quilt covers and so on can be called medical fabric!

What are the USES of medical fabric?

1. It has a good antibacterial effect, especially staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, etc. It is a hospital;

Common bacteria inside, the resistance to this kind of bacteria is particularly good!

2. Medical fabric can be used to process various surgical gowns.

3. Medical fabric can be used to process all kinds of white coats.

4. Medical fabric can be used to process all kinds of medical bedding, etc.

5. Of course, anti-bacteria masks also belong to the category of medical fabric!

What are the characteristics of medical fabric?

1. It has good antibacterial effect.

2. Generally polyester fabrics, wear resistant, washable, durable!

3. Chlorine resistance is particularly good, because most of the consumables in hospitals use 84 or chloride as disinfectant!

At present, the medical material rising raw material prices, the market competition is intense, merchants is various, some undesirable businessman in order to reduce costs, choose some inferior raw materials processed into medical fabric sales, such as adopting recycle cotton, cotton linter, recycled polyester, woven into cloth.

If hospitals choose fabrics without careful screening and use these inferior products, it will bring a great negative impact on the health of doctors or patients.

Although some fabrics are low in price, they have obvious disadvantages. If you choose these fabrics to be processed into medical supplies, it will bring great harm to the health of medical workers and patients, and even cause cross-infection. Therefore, you must pay attention to the careful choice.

Hebei wangbei textile co., LTD always to ensure the quality as the basic starting point, professional committed to the international medical fabric research, production, investment and operation such as integration services, to provide green, environmental protection, comfortable, health care fabric, from raw material selection to the dyeing and finishing of the grey is run under strict quality management system, ensure the quality of products.

When purchasing fabrics, hospitals and washing rental companies must keep their eyes open, identify the brand, pay attention to quality, and do not use inferior products, so as to avoid causing losses to themselves and others.

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