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What Shirt Fabrics Are Popular in Men's Summer?

Mar. 24, 2020

As people's requirements for shirt quality gradually increase, more and more people choose custom shirts: they not only fit well, they are also comfortable to wear. However, after measuring the body, I faced a thick fabric book: I have so many fabrics, which one should I choose? In order to "cure" the fabric tangles that are common to everyone, today the Shirt Print Fabric Supplier starts with common shirt fabrics and teaches you how to choose fabrics according to your needs. After reading this article, I believe you can also understand the shirt fabric!

1. Cotton fabric

Cotton Combed Shirt Fabric refers to fabrics made from cotton. Our business shirts are usually made of cotton, which has good skin-friendly properties and is more soft and close-fitting. At the same time, the moisture content of cotton is about 8% -10%, and it can absorb excess sweat when wearing, ensuring its hygroscopicity. The quality is also the same for pure cotton fabrics. The finer and longer the fiber of cotton, the better the quality. In terms of cotton types on the market, long-staple cotton is the best. Long-staple cotton is more slender, has better air permeability and gloss, and is relatively more expensive.

Cotton shirts are comfortable and durable, which has led many people to ignore their "wrinkle-prone" performance, which is caused by the characteristics of cotton itself. However, in response to this problem, non-iron shirts have appeared on the market. It is processed by high-standard non-iron technology. While retaining the soft and skin-friendly cotton fabric, it also increases the anti-wrinkle ability of the shirt. Reduce care time.

Summary: soft skin-friendly, good hygroscopicity, ordinary cotton fabrics are easy to wrinkle, need to be taken care of, business shirts are often made of cotton fabrics.

Cotton Combed Shirt Fabric

Cotton Combed Shirt Fabric

2.Linen fabric

In most people's impressions, linen represents natural and casual, and is a noble in shirt fabric. People wearing linen dresses bring their own coolness and leisure. On the one hand, the rough texture of linen and the natural earth color system give the wearer a simple and casual dress charm. On the other hand, the extremely low output of flax has directly caused the price of hemp shirts in the market to become "noble" products. A shirt made of linen is very suitable for summer wear. This is because linen has natural breathability and moisture absorption. It can absorb more than 20 times its own weight of moisture. Loose fabric fibers can better radiate skin heat and keep it dry. The treasure in linen is French Norman linen. The long planting history and suitable natural environment make it different from most domestic linen fabrics. It better retains plant fibers, has better skin feel and stronger texture.

Summary: moisture absorbing and breathable, cool and cool, suitable for summer wear, more casual style, less output.

3.Mulberry silk fabric

Mulberry silk is a white woven silk fabric and is a natural animal protein fiber. Generally speaking, it is the silk liquid secreted by the mature silkworm when it cocoons, and it is formed by cooling and solidifying. The shirt made of mulberry silk is soft and smooth, soft to the touch, has a beautiful luster, and has a gentleman and aristocratic temperament. Because of this, the top luxury shirts are mostly made of high-weight silk fabric, which is full of personality and nobility. Like its expensive price, the care of mulberry silk shirts has also become a headache for people: it needs to be treated with care: it must not be machine washed, it must not be rubbed too much, and it must be maintained regularly.

Summary: moisture absorbing and breathable, cool and cool, suitable for summer wear, more casual style, less output.

The cotton, linen, and silk introduced above are all well-known natural fabrics. They have their own advantages. We cannot just deny the advantages of other fabrics because we tout a certain fabric. And in order to improve the shortcomings of the above fabrics, many fabric developers have developed high-quality blended fabrics: such as cotton-spandex blended fabrics, which have added spandex to make them more elastic; cotton-linen blended fabrics combine the softness and coolness of cotton , Improve the characteristics of linen easy to wrinkle, make it more flat.

The choice of shirt is not only related to Shirt Fabric, but also takes into account the dressing style, occasion and personal shape of the customizer.

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