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What Are The Fabrics of Work Clothes?

Sep. 27, 2020

The choice of Workwear Fabrics needs to choose suitable fabrics to make workwear according to the characteristics of the workwear you need and the industry. Its moisture absorption, heat preservation, ventilation, thermal conductivity, heat radiation resistance, water resistance, sweat resistance, etc. can protect the human body from external and internal pollution. Dust, soot, industrial gas and its dust, etc., these require that the choice of tooling fabrics should be based on actual conditions.


Cotton/pure Cotton Fabric

Cotton is usually called pure cotton. Cotton work clothes refer to work clothes with a cotton content of more than 95%. Cotton has always been the fabric of choice when people customize their clothes.

Why cotton is so popular with customers, because pure cotton feels soft and comfortable, comfortable to wear, breathable, not stuffy, and good for human health. Pure cotton is more expensive than ordinary fabrics, but the price will not differ much. The feel of cotton work clothes is different from others. It can be grasped tighter and tighter in the hand, and it can be grasped in the heart of the hand and it can be infinitely close to the skin.

Full-process polyester-cotton yarn card-clear spinning path, smooth and thick cloth surface, not easy to fade, anti-pilling, anti-wear and washable, moisture-absorbing and breathable.

2. Polycotton fabric

Polyester cotton is the second most in-demand fabric after pure cotton.

When many consumers hear that it is polyester-cotton, they suddenly feel that it is down to a level. In fact, the gap between polyester-cotton and pure cotton is not very big, and polyester-cotton overalls also have their own advantages.

Among the polyester-cotton components, the cotton content is relatively small. Generally 33%-35% cotton and 65%-67% polyester are mixed, called polyester cotton. Because of its combination of cotton and polyester, it has the sweat absorption and breathability of cotton, and it also has the characteristics of polyester's wear resistance, low shrinkage, tall and straight, not easy to wrinkle, and quick drying. Therefore, work clothes made of polyester-cotton fabrics are also very popular.

Workwear Fabrics

Workwear Fabrics

3. Anti-static fabric

Anti-static work clothes are mainly used to prevent static electricity, followed by abrasion resistance, dirt resistance, and convenient operation.

Anti-static fabrics generally need to be strong, wear-resistant, soft, comfortable, moisture-absorbing, and breathable. Some manufacturers will use cotton as an anti-static fabric, which is of course feasible, but its anti-static effect is not as good as that of high-grade anti-static fabrics. Stainless steel fiber, sub-conductive fiber, anti-static synthetic fiber and polyester-cotton blended or blended into an anti-static cloth, this anti-static fabric can automatically corona discharge or leakage discharge, can eliminate clothes and human body charge, prevent clothes The accumulation of static electricity effectively eliminates the conditions that cause electrostatic discharge.

4. Poplin fabric

Poplin is one of the main varieties of cotton fabrics. Poplin has a fine texture, rich luster, smooth feel, clear texture, and silky feel, so it is called poplin.

There are relatively few poplin fabrics for work clothes. Poplin is a fine, plain fabric woven from cotton, polyester, wool, cotton or blended yarn. All kinds of poplin fabrics have the characteristics of clean and smooth surface, fine texture, full grain, shiny and soft luster, and soft and waxy feel.

Different industries need to make different designs, some need loose, some need slim type, some need jacket type, some need straight type and so on. When customizing work clothes, not only the style is considered, but the choice of fabric is also very important. From the nature of the work, working environment, and age of the employees of your own company, you can specifically consider what kind of fabric to customize work clothes. If necessary, please contact the Workwear Fabric Supplier

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