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  • Arabian thobe fabric
  • Arabian thobe fabric

Arabian thobe fabric

White and dyed 100% Polyester Arabian robes fabric


Product Description

Product Description

Hot sell specification:

NOTECustomize as clients' require.  Support OEM,ODM.

The robe is a good covering for people's bodies and greatly facilitates their movements.Moreover, given that most Arab countries are located in hot deserts, the loose, flowing robes not only dissipate heat quickly, they are also effective against the sandstorms that sweep over them.In a hot Arab country, abaya is the wisest choice.

The abaya has survived for thousands of years because of the natural environment in which the arabs lived.Some natural explorers have experimented in the heart of the Arabian desert, where, at the same temperature, people in suits or shirts were sweating and wheezing, while those in robes were poised and relaxed.Originally, the robe completely covered the body, blocking the direct sunlight, at the same time, the outside of the wind blowing into the robe, flowing up and down to form a ventilation tube, the body of moisture and heat swept away, making people feel cool and comfortable.

Arabs began to wear abaya from an early age, which seems to be a part of the Arab tradition of enlightenment education.Young children also put on white or black small robes, is not a scenery, can not help you do not look at him (she) more on a few eyes.

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