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Cotton Flannel Fabric

What is flannel fabric?

Flannel fabric,greige fabric-brushed-dyed(print)-sizing-packing. there are 100%cotton flannel fabric,TC(polyester and cotton flannel fabric), our factory can dyed or printed for you. If you have no design, we also have sotock for you to choose. Use: baby blanket, pajamas,bedding sheet, carpet, rags and so on.

Besides dyed flannel and print flannel,  there are many kinds of yarn dyed flannel fabric. Mainly used for shirting, sleepwear or other garments.

flannel10 (1).jpg

flannel10 (1).jpg

Soft hand feel, warm, breathable, good colorfastness.


Flannel Fabric100%Cotton20*1040*4257/58"150gsm
Polyester and cotton20*1040*4257/58"150gsm
100%Cotton21*2164*5457/58"2/2 Twill
100%Cotton21*2180*5857/58"2/1 Twill
100%Cotton16*1680*5457/58"3/1 Twill

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