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What is shirt fabric?

1)Categories of shirting by use include men's shirts, women's shirts, work uniforms (medical uniform, chef clothing, waiter uniform), student shirts, etc.

2)The shirt fabric is classified by material and includes Cotton shirting, polyester+cotton shirting, cotton + spandex shirting, TR shirting.

3)The shirt fabrics are classified by fabric style includes plain shirting and diagonal shirting. Thin shirt cloth and thick shirt cloth.

4)Shirts are classified by design, white shirt, dyed shirt, printed shirt, yarn-dyed plaid shirt, yarn-dyed striped shirt.

What should people pay attention to when purchase for shirting fabric?

1)There are two quality grades for a product, combed and carded. Combed shirt fabric is more tidy, neat and smooth, combed fabrics are suitable for upmarket. Usually carded fabric can satisfy general market requirement. Customers can choose according to their own market requirements. But there are many supplier are shoddy, just wipe your eyes when make a order.

2)Pay attention to the color fastness and gram weight. Sometimes one same specification from different factory has different gram weight.

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