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What is the twill fabric?

Twill fabric refers to the continuous diagonal lines of warp and weft interlacing points, and the surface of the fabric presents diagonal lines, such as twill silk and beautiful silk. The weave structure of the twill weave is more complicated than plain weave. There are original weave twill and composite twill. It is also one of the three original weaves of woven fabric.

Uniform fabrics are thicker than other fabrics, there are plain thick uniform fabric and twill thick uniform fabric. But onstruction of most uniform fabric is 3/1 twill and 2/1 small twill, so we also called twill fabric. Many of the clothes worn by military, doctors and workers were made of this fabric, we also call work wear fabric, military fabric, camouflage fabric, medical fabric, worker uniform. Usually we dye or print as clients request.

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