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  • Polyester rayon tr suit fabric
  • Polyester rayon tr suit fabric
  • Polyester rayon tr suit fabric
  • Polyester rayon tr suit fabric
  • Polyester rayon tr suit fabric
  • Polyester rayon tr suit fabric

Polyester rayon tr suit fabric

TR polyester and rayon fabric


Product Description

Product Description

TR is a blend of Polyester and Rayon, usually used in business suits.Where T is Polyester and R is Rayon.There are plain,twill yarn dyed styles.Regarding yarn count, density and gram weight, we can produce according to customer's requirements.

TR fabric features: this type of blended fabric is characterized by smooth and clean fabric, bright color, strong sense of wool, feel good elasticity, good moisture absorption;But it has poor ironing property.

Use:Suit,shirt,trousers,blouse,dress,uniform,jacket,coat and other garment.

Hot sell sepecifications:

WB044TR(polyester and rayon)TR20*20108*5863"/57/58"
WB045TR20*16104*5463"/57/58"3/1 Twill
WB046TR25*2576*6863"/57/58"2/2 Twill
WB048TR32/2*32/256*5363"/57/58"2/1 Twill
WB050TR36/2*36/296*5663"/57/58"2/1 Twill
WB053TR32*32130*7063"/57/58"2/1 Twill

Our Advantage:

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Hebei Wangbei Textile Trading Co.,ltd are producer of shirt fabric,lining fabric,uniform fabric,polyester and cotton fabric,cotton and spandex fabric,rayon fabric, we can supply you with greige fabric, dyed fabric and printing fabric.There are air jet looms,dye factory and print factory, Support make to order,OEM&ODM.

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Customize many specifications polyester and rayon fabric as customers' require.

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