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  • Polyester and cotton twill uniform fabric
  • Polyester and cotton twill uniform fabric
  • Polyester and cotton twill uniform fabric

Polyester and cotton twill uniform fabric

TC 65/35 14*14 80*54 57/58" thick uniform fabric


Product Description

Product Description

Polyester Cotton Fabric Twill uniform fabric specification

Material65%polyester35%cottonYarn Count14S*14S
Weight230±3GSMWeaving MachineAir jet loom
Dyeing Technology Continuous dyeingWeaving TechnologyWoven
Yarn GradeCombed yarnColorAll color or as your request
Color Fastness4-5 levelStructure2/1
Place Of OriginChinaPackingRolls or as your request
Date Of Delivery8-15daysPaymentTT
MOQ4000 Meters per colorPortTianjin
Special TechniqueAnti-static,Waterproof, resistance to chlorine bleaching(optional)

Cotton twill fabric feature

This polyester and cotton twill uniform fabric is thicker than the fabric with 21 yarn. More wear-resisting. Spinning road is more clearer. Polyester-cotton blend makes the fabric breathable and wearable, Continuous dyeing with reative dyes make good color fastness and hand feel. And you can choose waterproof coating, anti static or other special technique.

Polyester cotton fabric application

Work wear, uniform, army uniform, military uniform, worker clothes, labour suit, overalls, fatigue dress, protection fabric, industrial garment fabric, miners work wear, building workers’ clothes.

Simialr products

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WBUF002TC80/2021*16120*6057/58"3/1 Twill
WBUF003TC80/2016*12108*5657/58"3/1 Twill
WBUF004TC65/3521*21105*5857/58"3/1 Twill
WBUF005TC65/3521*21120*6057/58"3/1 Twill
WBUF006TC65/3521*21100*5057/58"1/1 Plain
WBUF007TC65/3520*16120*6057/58"3/1 Twill
WBUF008TC65/3514*1480*5457/58"2/1 Twill
WBUF009100%Cotton32*3268*6857/58"1/1 Plain
WBUF010100%Cotton21*21108*58/57/58"3/1 Twill
WBUF011100%Cotton21*21100*5057/58"1/1 Plain
NOTESAll the uniform fabric can be dyed or printed as clients' demand.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of normal weaving and reverse weaving of twill fabrics?

(1) The advantages and disadvantages of normal weaving

The advantage is that it is easy to find the weaving defects of hundred feet, warp shrinkage and warp yarn skipping, and can be dealt with in time; it is convenient to observe the uniformity of the cloth surface and the clarity of the texture; the front of the fabric will not be fuzzed by the tip of the bristle roller.

The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to break the cloth, and the warp yarn is easy to scratch and fuzz; the front of the fabric is easy to be stained with oil and stains; it is difficult to find the broken warp and weft jump yarn.

(2) The advantages and disadvantages of reverse weaving are opposite to those of normal weaving.

(3) In view of the twill weave, the hundred feet of khaki fabrics. Warp weaving defects account for a large proportion, and most of them are deep variegated processing, so normal weaving is mostly used in actual production, but for bleaching processing, reverse weaving is better.

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